Dustin was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a small business family, valuing community and serving people well. After attending college in Dallas, Texas, he moved to Nashville, where he spent more than ten years as a touring musician. Within his last two years on the road, his passion and understanding of coffee began to grow strong. With a growing family and working in coffee shops on off seasons, Dustin began to feel the tug to establish his roots in one place. His growing passion for coffee led to him owning High Brow in 2016. The Sauders now live in Thompson Station as a family.

Since taking over High Brow in 2016, Dustin has ventured into the roasting side of coffee. High Brow sources it's beans from farms with respectful farming practices. Carefully crafting its coffee with importance on consistent quality and a willingness to try new approaches, High Brow roasts its coffee to provide the best cup possible. Serving people well has been the heart of the Sauders and High Brow since day one. With that, High Brow has committed to giving 5% back to the community in areas where we see needs.