Comfort Zone - Decaf
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Comfort Zone - Decaf

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Tasting notes: Lemon Custard, Werther’s, Creamy

Origin: Colombia

Process: Sugarcane (EA)

This coffee is a blend of multiple regions in Colombia with a focus on cup consistency. It is decaffeinated by the local company Descafecol SA, in the town of Manizales, Caldas, using the Ethyl Acetate (EA) process. Ethyl acetate is produced by esteri cation between ethyl alcohol and acetic acid. The ethyl acetate used by Descafecol is produced by sugarcane grown locally. Sugarcane grows at lower elevations than coffee and is often planted at the base of the same mountains where coffee fourishes. Ethyl acetate and spring water are the only substances co ee comes into contact with during the decafeination process. This process is FDA approved and the ethyl acetate produced by Sucroal is verified food grade, kosher, and halal. Ethyl acetate is a natural solvent, meaning it can dissolve other substances. The EA process gently extracts the caffeine from coffee beans, avoiding the use of excessive heat that could damage the structure of the beans.